giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

TRANCE le prime immagini dal nuovo film diretto da Danny Boyle con James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel e Rosario Dawson...eroina del film

A questo link, le prime indiscrezioni sulla trama del film diretto da Danny Boyle:
Il film uscirà nel Regno Unito il 27 Marzo 2013.

Danny Boyle - "It begins like [a thriller]. But it takes the idea of a stolen painting and develops into something sleeker and more psychological, with twists and turns.”
“I wanted to do an updated noir, give it a contemporary spin in terms of emotion,” adds Boyle, determined to not reveal too much. “Noir is usually cold. I wanted it to be more emotionally charged. It’s the first time I put a woman at the heart of a movie.”

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